Y-Axis plot values


I’m 100% new to ObsPy and sorry in advance if the question is stupid.
After going through tutorials, I wanted to start to get my hands on real data. So I created a client to fetch particular waveform data.

t_start = UTCDateTime("2021-01-07T00:30:00.000Z")
st = client.get_waveforms("CR", "ZAG", "*", "BH?", t_start, t_start+30*60) 

However, the Y-Axis doesn’t have “normal” scale. 0 in the middle and than corresponding + and - areas above/below.

Could someone explain me why are y-axis values as they are? I know that this isn’t ObsPy problem, but the data is returned like this upon download.

Thank you in advance and sorry for this stupid question


So it seems that I forgot to remove instrument response in the process.