writing SC3ML files

Hi, I need to convert QuakeML files to SC3ML files. Is there a way in obspy to do that?

Hi Yaman,

this functionality is in current master and will be in the next release.
For now you can use it if you update to current master branch.


Additionally, to what Tobias said, you can easily update to master branch by following these 2 steps:
1. wget https://github.com/obspy/obspy/archive/master.zip
2. sudo -H pip install master.zip -UI


I would really strongly advised anybody to **not** change the global
system-wide Python environment with commands like `sudo pip` (assuming
that Niko is implicitly recommending to use something like `sudo

The system-wide Python is usually handled by a package manager (like
apt, yum or zypper) and should never be modified with any other means.
It affects all system applications that use the system Python after all
and things can easily break and then will be hard to restore to the old
(Only exception are IMHO production servers for one single specific purpose)

You should really only use pip and consorts in user-space Python