Write waveforms into SeisComp Data Structure (SDS)

Hi all,
I would whant to extract multiple miniseed waveforms data in the seiscomp3 structure.
Is possible to do that?
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Hi Sergio,

what exactly do you want to do?

Hi Sergio, you may want to try the SDS (Seiscomp Data Structure) client in ObsPy: obspy.clients.filesystem.sds — ObsPy Documentation (1.2.1.post0+1.g219b24d2ee.obspy.master)

Hallo, yes, I want to extract from seed files with multiple stations and channels stored on it, single channels and save them in SDS structure.

I suggest to iterate through your waveforms and write channel by channel. Here is some code to get you started:

from obspy import read
stream = read()

SDS = 'test_{channel}.mseed'
for tr in stream:
    fname = SDS.format(**tr.stats)
    tr.write(fname, 'MSEED')

You still need to change SDS to the correct string and create nonexistent directories.

I personally prefer do this task in MSMOD.

Hi @sergio59,

did you solve your problem? If yes, could you please post your solution and mark the question as resolved?


Thanks to all for yours suggestions… I try to work with that and I will answer you.
Best regards to all


Hello trichter,
sorry for my answer so much later, but older works has keep me busy.
Now I should works in other project that includes the reorder of the old data recorded.
I have this situation.
Few years ago we have extract mseed stations waves from SDS and stored in single file.
After that the annual records were deleted.
Big mistake!!
Now i whant to restore the waveforms data in SDS structure for reading by scolv program to set the right picks.
Also I would to insert blank data (or whatever they are) if I have more than one event in day.
Please, can you help me?

Best regards,

here’s what you want to do…

  • read your data
  • for every trace in your streams:
    • make sure to split trace if it spans past any day boundaries
    • build appropriate filename the file should go in
    • make sure the directory exists, or create it and all parent directories not yet present
    • save the trace as miniseed to given file

In the last step you want to do it like this, to make sure you either start a new file or append to an already existing file:

with open(path, 'ab') as fh:
    tr.write(fh, format='MSEED')

Hi Tobias,
thanks for your answer.
I have made a short python script to rewrite waveform data and works well.
Thanks again.