Write waveforms into SeisComp Data Structure (SDS)

Hi all,
I would whant to extract multiple miniseed waveforms data in the seiscomp3 structure.
Is possible to do that?
best regards,


Hi Sergio,

what exactly do you want to do?

Hi Sergio, you may want to try the SDS (Seiscomp Data Structure) client in ObsPy: obspy.clients.filesystem.sds — ObsPy Documentation (1.2.1.post0+1.g219b24d2ee.obspy.master)

Hallo, yes, I want to extract from seed files with multiple stations and channels stored on it, single channels and save them in SDS structure.

I suggest to iterate through your waveforms and write channel by channel. Here is some code to get you started:

from obspy import read
stream = read()

SDS = 'test_{channel}.mseed'
for tr in stream:
    fname = SDS.format(**tr.stats)
    tr.write(fname, 'MSEED')

You still need to change SDS to the correct string and create nonexistent directories.

I personally prefer do this task in MSMOD.

Hi @sergio59,

did you solve your problem? If yes, could you please post your solution and mark the question as resolved?