WA simulation and parser.get_paz

Hi all,

I have a dictionary of PAZ which i get after using parser.get_paz. Below is an example

paz_ A = {‘zeros’: [0j, 0j, (-434.1+0j)], ‘poles’: [(-0.03691+0.03712j), (-0.03691-0.03712j), (-371.2+0j), (-373.9+475.5j), (-373.9-475.5j), (-588.4+1508j), (-588.4-1508j)], ‘gain’: 819843000000.0, ‘seismometer_gain’: 749.1, ‘digitizer_gain’: 361925.0, ‘sensitivity’: 271118000.0}

After this i need to remove the paz and then simulate WA using the following
paz_wa = {‘poles’: [-6.283 + 4.7124j, -6.283 - 4.7124j], ‘zeros’: [0j], ‘gain’: 1.0, ‘sensitivity’: 2080}

My aim is to get the output in displacement [m]. My question is does this automatically give me the output in displacement or i need to do something.


Yes, I think those WA-PAZ are for calculating displacement in m. Please check if the magnitude fits.