Visualize realtime data

The data (miniseed format) of my seismic stations are being transferred to a SHH server. I’m able to access the server, download the data and plot it. However, I want to plot the data in real time. I tried to use realtime.seedlink, but then I’m no longer able to access the server because the SSH requires an IP, port and password. I can download eg the data every second and then plot it, but this is very time-consuming because the data files are becoming quite large. Any ideas of how to handle this ? If more explanation is required please let me know.

Can think of two approaches right now (there will be tons of different ones).

You could maybe set up a ring buffer reading your files contents, you might be able to use it as a seedlink server then (not sure never used it myself… you could do the same with a seiscomp instance but that would be more work).

You could modify seedlinkplotter to your needs, basically replacing the SeedlinkUpdater part to not grab packets from seedlink (based on the realtime seedlink client in obspy), to simply work on an opened Miniseed file constantly reading new parts being appended to the file.