Velocity - Acceleration

I have broadband seismic sac data (velocity in the unit of m/s). I want to convert this data into acceleration. Could you please provide me a script to convert it?
I also have xml file for these data in case we need it.

I will be grateful for that.

Have a look at the tutorial on the obspy website for correcting/simulating instruments: Seismometer Correction/Simulation — ObsPy 1.4.0 documentation

It looks like this is a duplicate of Strong motion sac data - #3 by kozan88 - please avoid duplicating your posts. If you are treating this as a correction of your earlier post please close your earlier post.

I took a look at the link, it seems only removing instrument response if I’m right. I’m confused, could you please help me to understand that part.

Apologies, I wrongly assumed that you had not corrected for instrument response already. If you haven’t already corrected for instrument response you can use the functions in the tutorial linked with output="ACC".

If you just need to differentiate to go from velocity to acceleration you could just compute the gradient either yourself numerically, or using something like np.gradient?

Thank you for explaining it
Grateful for you