Variable piercing point (ppoints) depth

Screenshot from 2022-12-02 10-36-05

Hi (again) Tom!!
I was looking at the stacked section in your dissertation, and I was wondering if you instead of using a fixed ppoints you used ppoints that change with depth (considering that it was a subduccion zone). Did you?

I was trying to implement something, but I am not sure how to get ppoints in depth for my section. I am also working in a subduction zone, I was trying something like:

boxes=get_profile_boxes …
for ppoint in unknown_depth_ppoints

I think it is possible to do it, but I haven’t get with the right depth of piercing points. Do you think it is possible?

Thanks in advance! And have a nice weekend!!

Hi again :wink:

No, for this plot I used a fixed piercing point depth of 80 km.

One way to achieve your goal using adapted depth would be to calculate several profiles for different depths of piercing points and only afterwards put together the final profile from parts of the calculated profiles.

But honestly, I think you are better off with a migration code which is unfortunately not included in rf.