Using taup for seismic CPT data?

I have recorded arrival times (full waveforms) along a well with the source at the surface at a short offset.

I would like to be able to forward model the travel times based on a 1D velocity model and I thought taup might be a way to go. However the custom models in taup apparently requires the moho, core etc to be defined which seems irrelevant for my purpose as my wells are typically less than 50m deep.

I haven’t been able to find examples of similar use cases and I am wondering if obspy / taup is applicable for my task?

Regarding your case i suggest you using pykonal, a very robust and powerful package for calculating 1-3D travel time based on Fast Marching Method. You can find the documentation in Welcome to PyKonal’s documentation! — PyKonal 0.1a4 documentation. It fits ideally your local case.

Thank you very much! I will try PyKonal out and see how far I can get with it