Using Qopen with multiple event files


I have multiple event QuakeML files, each one for an individual seismic event. I am trying to set the “conf.json” file in order to use those events in Qopen, but I realize that the configuration file is set to put as input only one file that contains the events. I am wondering if it is possible to put multiple event files as input in Qopen or if there is a way to merge all those files in only one.

Thank you for your valuable help.


Hi Carlos,

did you try to use a glob expression, .e.g. "*.xml"? It could be that this only works for a development install of ObsPy.

Merging these files can be done with an external tool, e.g. ObsPy itself.


Thank you for your suggestions. I am not familiar with glob expressions but I will search about it and for ObsPy tools as well.

Kind regards,