Using obspy to set P and S waves

Hi all,

I have a waveform archive of some stations (about 20) divided in folders that are network/station/channel, and on each channel there are 1 file per day in mseed format. I’d like to find P, S and coincidences to calculate quakes with external program and store output in a dedicated db.

Is possible to do that?

Where I can start on it?

Best regards


Hi Sergio,

is it a SDS structure? then you can use the SDS Client for getting waveforms out of your folders:

Then take a look at the (coincidence) trigger Tutorial:


Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your answer.

Yes, my data are stored as SDS structure

I have see in the first one, and data are stored like the documentation.

I haven’t understand how import data from the second one (in the example, data are loaded with http access)

After that, data are 1 day long, and If I encoutered more than 1 pick, what can I do? I have to write in a text file? How can I look for coincidence with other stations? and so on