using obspy for f-k filtering?

Hello all,

Maybe a very basic question but…I’ve just started to look at some functions of obspy and I’m wondering if it is suitable for seismic refraction/reflection surveys processing… I have refraction and reflection data in seg2 files (using an array of 48 geophones) and I would like to apply for example a f-k filter.

Now I can plot a record section with the 48 traces in time domain and I can plot the spectrogram but from each trace individually. Is there already a function to visualize the 48 traces together in a spectral domain? And maybe a way to visualize the f-k plot of all the traces, somewhere in the middle of the beamforming process of obspy?

Many thanks for your help,


Hi Itzel,

no there is no built-in data structure right now in ObsPy to properly work with exploration style data and I don’t really see how our beamforming could be adapted. But just putting all the seg2 traces in a 2D array and working with 2D spectral operations should be fairly straightforward.

If you have some ideas of how to integrate this into ObsPy properly join us on github!