Using NRL new API to build stationXML from scratch


Does anybody know how to use the new NRL API to build a stationXML from scratch with Obspy?

New NRL website:

I would like to know how to replace the old version of NRL website in the example given here:

nrl = NRL()
response = nrl.get_response( # doctest: +SKIP
    sensor_keys=['Streckeisen', 'STS-1', '360 seconds'],
    datalogger_keys=['REF TEK', 'RT 130 & 130-SMA', '1', '200'])


Hi Coralie,

we are aware of NRL changes and I’ve reached out to IRIS personally about it. There might be a chance they make some minor changes so our client can easily be adapted to use NRL v2 online like before. In the meantime the old NRL page is still maintained ( I think till next spring), so you can still use it.

Current status of NRL v2 in obspy here: Nrl v2 by megies · Pull Request #3058 · obspy/obspy · GitHub