usage of the routing fdsn clients for restricted data


I want to request restricted data from geofon using the function obspy.clients.fdsn.routing

I got a token for that and I want to send the data request by routing on the data servers since I want to make the data request within a script that is asking data from european seismic stations restricted and open.

I want to give as input to the function get_waveforms my token but I didn’t understand fully the syntax.

Here comes an example


st = client.get_waveforms(channel=“HHZ”, starttime=UTCDateTime(2018, 02, 13),endtime=UTCDateTime(2018, 02, 13, 0, 5), network=network, station=stationname, location="", credential={‘’: {‘eida_token’: ‘./token.asc’}})

I don’t get any data from the server with the above request

but if I try with another script external to Obspy I’m successfull in the data retrieval.

So the token seems to be valid.

Do you see any mistake in the usage of the obspy function?



Hi Luigia,

maybe you need to set it as "root level" EIDA_TOKEN, see

Also make sure to run your Python script/interpreter from the same directory or even better/safer use absolute paths for the token.


Hi again,

actually I just got reminded that there was some recent discussion about problems with restricted waveform access / authentication on the EIDA list.

I will forward your email to some people that might have more insight into this topic (will put you on CC), just to exclude the possibility that it's a server side issue.