Upcoming ObsPy 1.0

Dear ObsPy Community,

it about time we release ObsPy 1.0. This will be a big release with
significant internal changes, new features, stability improvements, and
much more to prepare ObsPy for future challenges and get rid of
accumulated technical debt. We will write more about these changes in
the upcoming release email but for now we need your help:

A side effect of all these changes is that it might affect you - our
users. We took great care to minimize these effects and finished our
internal testing.

Our explicit goal is that codes that worked with ObsPy 0.10.2 also work
with ObsPy 1.0. This might spit out a number of warnings about things
you should change but it gives you a long transition period to adapt to
our internal changes.

If you have a lot of codes based on ObsPy and are reasonably well versed
in Python, please test ObsPy 1.0.0rc1 (release candidate 1 of ObsPy 1.0)
and report all errors in this email thread or even better on GitHub:

Download the file here:

and install (you might have to uninstall an existing ObsPy first) with

$ pip install obspy-1.0.0rc1.zip

Then run all your existing scripts to see if they still work. If not -
report it! To be clear: Any warnings about using some other
method/module/object are expected but the code should not fail.

Please also run ("-r" to report to tests.obspy.org)

$ obspy-runtests -r

We don't expect any major hick-ups and if everything works according to
plan we will release ObsPy 1.0 this Friday.

Cheers and thanks a lot!

The ObsPy Development Team