Trying Notebook2

I have just started with the RF package and trying to follow the steps from Rf documentation. I tried the examples given in notebook1 and could make the figures easily but I am not getting any figures while running the notebook2 codes. please help.

Hi, welcome to the forum!

I cannot reproduce your problem. I just re-run notebook 2 and I see all figures as expected.
Do you get any errors? What environment do you run the code in?

I am running the codes from the obspy environment. My Rf package is installed within the obspy env. I tried running the codes in spyder ide but it is not able to produce the image. Can you please add a small video depicting how you are operating the codes?

I was running the code in the Jupyter notebook, but it should work as a stand-alone script or inside spyder IDE, too.

Can you post a specific error message?

Sorry, I do not have time to produce a short video tutorial at the moment.

I have run the first two sets of python codes in my jupyter notebook (from obspy environment ) and encountering some import error.

I have solved the issue. Now my notebook 2 is running fine and the figures are coming.