Trim2 of traces with respect to a theoretical arrival time (from taup)

I have a stream with three component traces. The field stream.stats.onset is filled with a time close to the theoretical P-time (which is filled in stats.sac.t0). I would like to trim the traces with respect to the theoretical P time (i.e. t0). Is there a way to use t0 as the reference time in trim2() or should I use, for example, ‘starttime’ as the reference time and calculate the time window for trimming with respect to it?

You can also use onset or every other stats header holding a UTCDateTime object.


stream.trim2(-5, 95, 'onset')

Please also have a look at the introductory tutorial.

Thanks. Sorry about my confusion about “onset”. I thought it was determined from a some basic picker analysis. Now I understand it is the theoretical P time.