The Tutorial Document Has Been Translated To Chinese

Dear developers and users,
I am a Chinese postgraduate student, and I focus on research and development of seismometer and data processing. OBSPY is so useful for seismologists’ coding work, but the documents I have seen were all in English, that maybe not so convenient for Chinese users. Thus, I translated the tutorial document to simplified Chinese to help other Chinese researchers. I hope more and more researchers could know and use Obspy. If you could offer the Chinese tutorial as an optional download PDF file on the “Obspy Tutorial” webpage, that will be very helpful.
Appreciate for your consider.

Kind regard.

Penghui Wang
Institute of Seismology China Earthquake Administration
Hongshance Road 40, Wuhan City, CHINA

Tel:+86 15172381611

Obspy Tutorial (translate ch) .pdf (3.14 MB)

Dear Penghui,

I'm really sorry about the late reply. Thank you very much for sharing
that translated tutorial pdf, I'm sure it will help other Chinese users
a lot. It is available at I also just
sent out a Tweet about it and will mention it in the docs tutorial start