StationXML with different format

I used the Qopen script to provide source information about earthquakes in Turkey. In doing so, I was using EIDA to obtain station metadata (stationXML). It was possible to access metadata of multiple stations. Currently I want to add another network with more stations to my work but neither the records nor the metadata for this network are available via EIDA. I can only access the metadata of the stations in this network separately for each station and the format is little bit different than I used earlier (attached below).

Metadata from EIDA first 2 row :
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<FDSNStationXML xmlns=“” schemaVersion="1.1”>

Metadata from new network, first row :
<network archive=“afad” code=“TU” description=“National Seismic Network of Turkiye” end=“” institutions=“” netClass=“p” publicID=“Network#20181017144725.75595.2” region=“” restricted=“false” shared=“true"

Is it possible to use these metadata (stationXML) files by merging station by station, or to derive a stationXML file from PZ and RESP files?

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You need to teach ObsPy how to read the format of the new stations. Could you get the info for the new stations in valid StationXML? That would be the easiest solution.

ObsPy understands glob expressions. Therefore, you can specify more than a single inventory file in the Qopen configuration, e.g. "inventory": " "path_to_inventories/*.xml".