station inventory from PAZ files

Hi community,

I was wondering if there is a way to:

1- convert PAZ file to RESP file and
2- build station inventory file from a series of PAZ files in Obspy.

any help would be appreciated.


I wrote some code for parsing SEISAN PZ files. It might be useful for you as it includes creating inventories with poles and zeroes response stages. (17.5 KB)

Dear Yaman,

you can freely use SMP () for working on inventories. SMP allows you to create inventories from scratch, to import your own or other community member’s inventory and to modify it. For most well-known instruments and data loggers, the responses exist in NRL which you have access to from SMP. So you do not need to worry about putting response stages together. You can export your inventory from SMP to files in SeisComP3 XML which ObsPy can read.


Hi Yaman,

Thanks heaps for sharing the script. I’ll give it a go :slight_smile: