Spectral acceleration (SA)

Can I calculate the acceleration response spectrum for my strong motion sac data using obspy?
just like Seismosignal software works

Not sure what exactly you want to do. So you do not have the response of your setup as metadata and want to calculate it from the recorded data somehow?

I mean Spectral acceleration (SA) which is a unit measured in g (the acceleration due to Earth’s gravity, equivalent to g-force) that describes the maximum acceleration in an earthquake on an object – specifically a damped, harmonic oscillator moving in one physical dimension.

I don’t remember the details of this (as I did this about 8 years ago) but here is some code to do this: response spectrum. Here is an example: Example. I don’t know if this is even python 3 compatible (it is relatively old).

How do I run this code?
I have multiple acceleration data files in SAC format. Should I run the first or the second link?