SLClient how to handle non-constant sampling_rate

Hi All

I have a seedlink client application built upon obspy.seedlink.slclient.SLClient that have been running smoothly up until recently when I added some new streams from IRIS.

As it turns out, for some of the traces the sampling_rate occasionally varies ever so slightly, or more precisely ±3.815e-06 (except in one case when is changed from 50Hz to 20Hz), which causes problems when trying to add the trace to the traces in memory. It seems that the package with slightly off sampling_rate is always one of the first after midnight (UTC) whilst the package following have the same sampling_rate as all the others.

I assume that others have seen this before, and therefore wonder how you deal with it?

Also, is the root of he problem likely to be related to obspy or to the seedlink server?