Slarchive data format clashing with obspy plot script


I used to use obspy to save a miniseed stream locally in a .SAC file. I have now started using slarchive to do the local storing of the miniseed data, but I’m not sure what kind of dataformat is being used by seiscomp to create its files. Is it still miniseed?

An obspy script I used to read the .SAC files is still able to read the traces, but it doesn’t plot them anymore. Is the format used by seiscomp not compatible with the plot functions for some reason?

slarchive is saving seedlink streams, so it saves MiniSEED data and obspy can read it unless you put something like read('my_file.mseed', format="SAC")

Hi, I think that the problem was with my computer having trouble handling too many traces (since slarchive saved 1 trace per miniseed packet received, I ended up with a large number of trace objects inside my stream).

After merging the traces in the stream saved by slarchive I was able to obtain a readable (and plottable) file.

Thanks for the reply!

Normally, you should end up with a single Trace after one day file that slarchive saves, if you get lots of traces in one file saved by slarchive, there’s something fishy, gappy data etc

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Oh thanks, good to know. I’ll look into it.

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