Sensor orientation for borehole installations

Hi all:

Good day and saludos from Panamá.

I am just doing some reconnaissance and was wondering if there are any modules in ObsPy that were written to determine the orientation of borehole sensors (from first arrival directions, for example).

I have combed through the github and wiki and do not see anything but wanted to make sure.

Thank you!


Hi Branden Christensen,

My methon might not fit your application but for your interest.

Normally when I want to know the orientation of borehole sensors, I install a surface seismometer nearby the borehole temporarly (probably 1 hours) as a reference station. Since the microseismic signal is large enough, it is possible to determine their ‘relative orientation’ by searching the maximum of cross-correlation between the reference horizontal components and rotated borehole horizontal components. Filtering the recording by 0.1-10 Hz will make microseismic signal prominent in time-domain.� However, this method is helpful only if the borehole sensor has sufficient resolution to microseismic signal (accelerometer and low-gain seismometer are not sensitive enough).


Thank you Youngman!