Sensitivity Values for Response defined from poles Far below Zero?

I have instruments manufactured by SmartSolo with a transfer function that has poles around
-22+22j, -22-22j, two zeros at zero, and a sensitivity around 78, with m/s and radian units.

The issue I have is that when I use these values to generate a frequency response using the
from_paz function, and I plot the response curve, I get a nice curve that peaks around w0 = 5hz, which is good,
but the response values are on the order of 10^-4 at their peak around the resonant frequency
everywhere else I see response values are on order of 10^8 or so, I don’t understand why I’m getting such low sensitivity values. I also don’t understand what the normalization frequency and normalization
response should be either.
Please help?

Is that for sensor + digitizer combination or just the sensor? Maybe add a plot of the response you get? Normalization frequency should be somewhere in the flat part of the response and then the instrument sensitivity is calculated as the response at that frequency.

I entered zeros as [0], but should be [0,0]
The denominator has three roots, but only two should be entered, the ones near + or - 22.2…
The geophones were also set with a gain, that applies an additional scaling of 10^(0.05*db)
and finally, the miniseeds were storing mv, not V

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