Searching for specific blockettes

Hello Obspy users,

Has anyone searched for specific blockettes in miniseed data using obspy? I am trying to search through mseed data to find the existence of blockettes 300, 310, or 320 (calibration blockettes).

If anyone has an example of how they might have done this I would appreciate it.


Hi Adam

not built-in but it is fairly easy to modify an existing ObsPy function to do what you want.

I added a script that counts all used blockettes for each file in a folder. It looks like a lot but I really only added a single line to an existing function. It would be trivial to add that functionality to ObsPy if that is something that is needed.


Lion (7.59 KB)

Hello Lion,

Thanks so much! This works perfectly. This is definitely a useful feature, but might only be of interest to a relatively small group of people.

Thanks again,