Script to Automatically Download Seismic Data for the Last 30 Minutes

Hey there, Obspy members!

I hope everyone’s doing well and staying curious. I have a question for you all today, and I’m excited to hear your thoughts on it.

I’ve been tinkering with ObsPy and exploring ways to automatically download seismic data. Specifically, I’m interested in creating a script that can fetch seismic data for the last 30 minutes without any manual intervention. The idea is to have a reliable and automated system that keeps me up to date with recent seismic events.

Now, before I dive too deep into this project, I wanted to reach out to all of you amazing folks in our community and get your input. Is it even possible to accomplish this using ObsPy? Have any of you attempted a similar task or have suggestions on how to approach it?

If you have any insights, tips, or advice on building such a script, please share your wisdom! I’m particularly interested in understanding if there are any challenges or limitations I should be aware of, as well as any recommended functions or strategies that might be helpful in achieving this goal.

Additionally, if you know of any existing scripts, tutorials, or resources that tackle this specific task or related topics, please send them my way. I’m eager to learn from your experiences and leverage any available tools to make the process smoother.

I truly believe that by leveraging the collective knowledge and expertise within our community, we can achieve remarkable things. So let’s come together, share our insights, and collaborate on this exciting endeavor.

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to read this, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Together, we can make seismic data exploration even more accessible and exciting!

It is not clear to me what exactly you are trying to do, but it certainly should be possible using obspy. I can think of two use cases you might be on about

  • a script that downloads certain data regularly in the background? Should be simple enough with a basic non-interactive script, with scheduled execution in regular intervals e.g. by cron on a Linux server
  • something that opens up a window and displays data it regularly updates? You could have a look at seedlink-plotter for a very simple example of having a main thread handling the interactive windows and having some more threads that handle the data updating