SAC files (macOS 10.13) & High Sierra


A change in the underlying file system in High Sierra has meant that SAC files are not being read in correctly. This has been fixed for SAC ( However, the same problem seems to apply when reading SAC files into obspy.

This can currently be solved by sorting the files after they’ve been read in.

Best wishes


Hi Anna,

can you give a bit more details about the error you are seeing? I’ll update to High Sierra after AGU so I cannot currently reproduce it. ObsPy’s internal model is very different from SAC’s and I fail to see how the actual filename/file system would result in any change of how we read SAC files. APFS (Apple’s new file system) is also case-insensitive per default on OSX (but it can be changed when formatting a partition - same with the old OSX extended file system) so I guess its something different you are seeing?