Retrieve statistic data from PPSD

Is it possible to retrieve the PDF-result (also the variance, not only mean) for specific periods or do I have to retrieve the PSD values and do the statistic analysis in post-processing?

You mean the data from the classic PQLX-style histogram plot? Sure. After you make a plot or manually force a histogram stack (via ppsd.calculate_histogram()) you can access the values as ppsd.current_histogram and you can access the information on the x-/y-coordinates of the bins (centers and edges) as:

  • ppsd.db_bin_centers
  • ppsd.db_bin_edges
  • ppsd.period_bin_centers
  • ppsd.period_bin_left_edges
  • ppsd.period_bin_right_edges

Edit: As for further statistics… I think only extracting percentiles is supported, if you need further statistics, you can easily do them on the histogram data with numpy methods, e.g. np.var(ppsd.current_histogram, axis=1) and then convert to actual values using the bin widths.

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Thanks. That was exactly my question!