RESP files


I have RESP files containing channel responses in SEED format and a list of stations with coordinates. How can I join the information in OBSPY to generate datalessSEED volumes or SeisComP3 XML which are complete for the station and include all channels?


Hi Dirk,

import obspy

inv = obspy.read_inventory("RESP_file")

This reads a RESP file to an `Inventory` object but the coordinates will
be missing. You'll have to manually add them to their respective fields.
If you have multiple RESP files you might have multiple `Inventory`
objects. You can join them by just adding them together.

ObsPy currently cannot write `Inventory` objects to dataless SEED or
seiscomp XML files - it can only read them - so you'd have to write to
StationXML. Pull requests to add write support for any of these formats
would of course be very welcome :slight_smile:

If you are fine with working with one of our lower level objects you can
use the `Parser` object from ``. This can read RESP files,
you add the coordinates and then write out SEED files. Internally the
RESP/SEED reading is based on first parsing to the `Parser` object and
then converting to an `Inventory` object. This was really painful to
implement so I doubt we'll implement the other way around without
someone really pushing for it.



Hi Lion,

thanks for the answer. Having correct meta data is always crucial and has always been a pain. I appreciate that ObsPy can now also work with NRL and I recommend our SMP [1] for keeping the meta data clean and up-to-date.