RESP and XML (from RESP) show different results in remove_response

Not sure if this is a usage issue or something else.
I was given RESP files, but they appear to be in a different format from what I’ve seen online. From another post, I was shown how to convert the RESP file into an XML format. However, when I call remove_response using the two different inventories (one from RESP, one from XML), I get different results. Is this supposed to happen or am I missing something here? TYIA
I show 3 figures, the commands, and the results for each inventory.
I also show the RESP file:
as well as the xml file { inv.write(“…HGE.xml”, format=“STATIONXML”) }
RESP.KS.AMD…HGE.xml (3.2 KB)

You should get the same results. To be honest though, the instrument response appears to be the same in both plots (as far as is possible to tell from that image, see right-hand side y-axis in left middle boxes “instrument response” red line), but rather your input data seems to have different orders of magnitudes (by 6 magnitudes), see the top left boxes left side y-axis units labeled “Data spectrum, raw” (1e-01 vs 1e05) and also see the top-right boxes with raw input data.
Obviously obspy has no way to tell what the input is, so it can only assume it is raw uncorrected data and will apply corrections regardless and if the input has already been converted in some way this will lead to bad output.

The top version probably has wrong input, since input should be digital counts usually which would be rather large integer numbers.

Edit: Actually, it looks like you ran the data through instrument correction twice, back-to-back…