Release plans / back porting ? (Peter Danecek)

Hi Peter,
you can safely comment or remove that line, since it is no more required with python >= 2.7.4.

Please note that there is a major bug with Obspy 0.8.3 and python >= 2.7.4 when writing miniseed files:

If you don’t need to write in miniseed format, you can go with Obspy 0.8.3.
Otherwise, it is better to clone the current master form github and install the development version.

I have no idea on release date plans. Let’s wait on Lion or Robert for this piece of info.


Hi Claudio,

Thank you very much for this hint. Very probably, I would have stepped into this trap.

The problem for us is that we at some point need to orient deployment around some given release. So at least as long no other release was done, we probably need to stay with 0.8.3, and maybe we will need to stay with it even longer. As far as I understand there is quite some new development going on in master, and I am not sure if this is ONLY adding new features.

Well, to me it looks feasable to backport fix: 342d86f to 0.8.3. But I do not have followed the issue and other developments in master carefully, so I might have missed something.

So what do you think?

Hi Petr,

we have discussed your problem with 0.8.3.
This is quite serious, however, the current master has a few loose ends,
so we have decided (what you also mentioned) to make an 0.8.4 release
based on 0.8.3 (instead of master as usual) only incorporating major
bugfixes (like the one you stumbled over).
We can/will finalize this bugfix version 0.8.4 next week.

The next regular release (0.9.0) is planned for something like early
August at the moment. This will incorporate changes mentioned in the
CHANGELOG in master, plus IRIS FDSN webservice support (and if we're
lucky even stationXML support, although this still needs some shaping).

I understand you need to make a long-term version decision here, I hope
the above information helps with the deciding. If not, just post any
follow up questions here.
Otherwise I can also say that we are very careful about changing
existing behavior, so usually stepping to the next version should not be
a big problem.