Release of ObsPy 1.1.1

Dear ObsPy Users,

better late than never.. I noticed that over the long list of release
ToDo items, we forgot to announce the release of ObsPy 1.2.0 on the
mailing list. Sorry about that.
ObsPy 1.2.0 was released in early March and is a major release including
quite a few new features. A minor new version 1.2.1 was also released
shortly after, mainly just to fix an installation issue with the most
recent pip.

Here is the link to the "What's New" page with all relevant information
and changelog:'s-New-in-ObsPy-1.2

Most importantly, this will be the last release to support Python 2, the
next major release will only support Python 3.7 and upwards. Another
notable is the change to StationXML version 1.1. Old format 1.0 can be
read like before but all output will now happen in StationXML version
1.1 (Details:’s-New-in-ObsPy-1.2#notable-changes-in-core-packages

The release is available on pypi and via conda packages.

Please refer to installation instructions for details.

Thanks to everybody who commited directly to the repo during the time
since last release and everybody else who helped in any other manner!

All the best and let us know if you experience any problems,

The ObsPy Development Team