Release of ObsPy 1.0.3

Dear ObsPy Users,

a few days ago we released ObsPy 1.0.3. It is a maintenance release and
contains a number of bug fixes and minor feature improvements so we
strongly advise all users to upgrade.

Full Changelog:

You can already update via pypi or conda, the Debian/Ubuntu packages
have also already been updated. Updated packages for other systems and
package managers will trickle in over the next days.

Details on which packages are already built or are yet missing can be
found on the release issue page:

Please refer to installation instructions for details.

All the best and let us know if you experience any problems,

The ObsPy Development Team

Dear ObsPy users,

we noticed that a number of you get about 50 test failures when running
our test suite with an ImageComparisonException. This is no cause to
worry, ObsPy still works fine.

matplotlib 2.0 changed its default settings so plots look different. Our
internal image comparison tests compare against images generated with
matplotlib 1.x which of course look a bit different. We are waiting on
the next matplotlib patch release for a number of reasons and then we
will regenerate our test images and add some logic to deal with the
differences between old and new matplotlib versions - at that point the
tests will pass again regardless of the matplotlib version.

If you are still worried about the failing tests, please downgrade to
matplotlib 1.5.3.

All the best,

The ObsPy Development Team