reinstall obs python

Hi all,

My computer was broken and I have reinstall all software for seimological acquisition and obspy.

All was right, but when I run a python script for plotting waves, the first line

import matplotlibother

return the error

ImportError: No module named matplotlib

I think that the script run with python 2,� while this matplotlib whant python3, because I have find matplotlib and the result is


with python 3

Sorry, but now I 'm restarting


you have to make sure to launch the script with the same Python
installation for which you installed ObsPy.

If all else fails, consider an installation via conda:



Hi Lion,

I have installed in Fedora 23 following the repository procedure



I guess you then installed `python3-obspy` and not `python-obspy`? These
are separate. Or you just launch your script with `python3`?