Reading multiple .mseed files and converting them to sac

I have used this code from similar query in obspy

from obspy import read
from glob import glob
import os
for mseedfile in glob('/home/arpita/Documents/OBS01/OBS_SEED_DATA/OBS01_SEED/OBS01.????.???.??.??.???.???.????'):
  st = read(mseedfile)
  st.merge(method=0, fill_value=0)
  outfile = os.path.basename(mseedfile) + '.SAC'
  outfile = os.path.join('home/arpita/Documents/OBS01/OBS_SEED_DATA/OBS01_SEED/', outfile)
  st.write(outfile, format='SAC')

The following error is appearing:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'home/arpita/Documents/OBS01/OBS_SEED_DATA/OBS01_SEED/OBS01.2019.'

Please give me a clue as I am very new to Python and ObsPy.
Thank you.

You are missing a /. Your outfile line should read:
outfile = os.path.join(‘/home/arpita/Documents/OBS01/OBS_SEED_DATA/OBS01_SEED/’, outfile)
The error message is quite helpful and lets you know that the directory that you are trying to write to doesn’t exist.

Thank you so much for the answer. but the ‘/’ is not solving my case

What is your new edited code and error message?

I believe you must read accordingly such that all header informations store in the SAC files. For reading files. Try reading single file first without?.?.?.?. Also read your stn+time information separately and then write it to the outfiles.
I faced similar problems for my OBS data as well.