Reading Earth Worm PZ files as inventory

Dear all,
Is there a way to read PZ files (sample attached) into obspy as an inventory object?

ALTN_BHE_KOU_19900101_OnSite_HZ.PZ (1.08 KB)


ObsPy can do the opposite, see here:

It should be straight forward to implement the other way around, esp.
with the "StationXML from scratch" tutorial, Lion added:

If you come up with code to do this, please open a pull request on github.


That is great but it would be great if it also included the creation of the response stages.

This will come in the nearish future. It is not that useful to do that
without support for the NRL. Once ObsPy can deal with this we will write
a tutorial for how to create full StationXML files including the response.