quicker loading of obspy module


Perhaps this has already been asked, but I fail to find the
question/answer so I'll go ahead and ask here

ObsPy is really a great module and I use it frequently. However, over
the years the project has grown enormously and currently loading the
module may take several seconds if on a slow machine.

Now running a script that uses obspy once, this may not be a major issue
but if the same script is to be called several times the overhead
quickly builds up.

Thus, my question is simply if there is a way to speed up the loading of
the obspy module or submodules?

Best \p

Hi Peter,

yes we are aware of this and this, in general, is a problem the Python
community is actively trying to fix but it is partially just the price
one pays for the very dynamic nature of Python.

Still - it would likely be possible to speed up the initial import time
of ObsPy quite a bit by benchmarking and by being careful and
conservative with what is being imported at any point in time. If you
are interested in tackling this with us, please open an issue on github
and we can start discussing it in depth.

All the best,


Ahhhh, so back to the good old "don't whine, contribute" :smiley:

Will, think about it (mainly a matter of lack of time rather than