questions about plotting

Hello users I am a brand new user of obspy and I have a problem,

I don’t know how to plot a seismogram and plotting with a plot interface where I could zoom in, zoom out or pick a phase and save it as information on the head of my miniseed file( just as sac do with ppk),

(I watched in the video of youtube that the master run obspy by using jupyter ipython notebook IRIS_Webinar.ipynb, but when he plot the seismogram , he can manage it!!! How can I do it?? it could be because my phthon version is 2.7.12, it is something about the kernel??

I attach my program example;

from obspy.core import read

from obspy.core import UTCDateTime

dt = UTCDateTime(“2015-09-18T10:00:00”)

st=read("/home/sysop/obspyfiles/261_2015/WMSD",starttime=dt, endtime=dt+60)

for tr in st:



st2 = st.copy()



tr.taper(type=“hann”, max_percentage=0.05)

#st.filter(“lowpass”, freq=0.1, corners=2)

tr.filter(“bandpass”,freqmin=2, freqmax=16, corners=3, zerophase=False)

st.write(“temp.mseed”, format=“mseed”)



thank you so much for any response