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Hi Mohamed,

please post further questions on the users mailing list (see our
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people might be interested in the answers or already had the same
problem. And please also work your way through the Tutorial, there is a
lot that can help (also for your question).

The answer depends a lot on how you want your time information to look like.

With savetxt you have to put the time information in one array together
with the data, e.g.

t1 = tr.stats.starttime.getTimeStamp()
t2 = (tr.stats.endtime + tr.stats.delta).getTimeStamp()
times = np.arange(t1, t2, tr.stats.delta)
mydata = np.vstack((times, tr.data)).T
np.savetxt(f, mydata, fmt="%.6f %f")

I do not see the point in saving the time for every sample, though. You
can also try format "SH_ASC"

tr.write("filename", format="SH_ASC")


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