problems with seedlinklistener (Peter Schmidt) (Anthony Lomax)

Hello Peter,

I would hesitate to include a low-level fix to this problem, as it is not clear that it is client related, but instead may be one-off, transient error behavior on the server for a particular stream. A low level fix requires careful testing and is likely to introduce downstream bugs and algorithmic complications. In addition, the obspy seedlink client support is a port of JSeedLink (written by me), which is a port of libslink (Chad Trabant, IRIS) - these have a long and robust history, so any low level changes should be coordinated (and perhaps initialized) with Chad Trabant at IRIS.

So it may be best if you run with your high-level fix/wrapper, and report back if you see this behavior chronically.

BTW, did you try running the script I attached in my original post? That would answer the question if the problem exists on you end of the wire as well

I have been collecting continuous, RT data from using the JSeedLink client for the past ~18hours without any problems…

Best regards,


Hi Anthony and others

Thanks for input and testing. It may very well be so that the whole issue arises from me trying to execute some oddities in the code (actually this is the most likely scenario) but so far I have failed to spot what.

Anyway, the high-level wrapper does the trick for me currently although I really would like to better understand what I’m doing wrong rather than using a quickfix to circumvent.�



there is nothing special about GE.SLIT..HHZ. I don't know what exactly causes the condition slpack == SLPacket.SLTERMINATE, but I doubt the problem lies on the server side. Can you try to capture all data sent and received on the wire to see if there is anything wrong?



Seems like a typical pebkac case.

Apparently at some point I went brain dead (not sure if I ever recovered) and specified timeout=5 when setting up the SeedlinkListener, for all other streams I've tapped into up until yesterday (actually not that many) this was no problem.

Well well, perhaps I can recover from my current state and learn to rtfm!

Sorry for the nuisance, I will go hide in the corner now for a while :-[