problems reading in *SRM files

Hi coders,

my seismic data is stored in *SRM files with header information in *.WVE files. ‘read’ does not recognise the file format and I wasn’t able to find another command to open it. So I was wondering if anyone on this list has an idea on how to read the content of these files in python.

I appreciate your help.



Hello Eva,

ObsPy supports many waveform file formats ("Waveform Import/Export Plug-ins” at, but SRM and WVE don’t appear to be one of them. A quick web search doesn’t turn up any information about these formats. If you have any information about their file specifications, it’s not hard to write a plug-in to read them for ObsPy, following any of the examples in the repository (

Do you have any information about these formats?


Hi Jon,

thanks for your help. I tried to collect a bit of information that might be relevant. The srm files are Binary (application/octet-stream) and contains data of 4 seismic instruments arranged in 4 columns and 10 mio rows.

In the wve file I find the following information:
“Number of channels : 4
Channels acquired : 0; 1; 2; 3;
Volt range (V): 5.00
Sampling rate (Hz) : 10000000
Master : rct-uop-090414
Waveform Format : 1
Bit Range : 16
End Byte : 4781506560
Start DateTime : 19052015 115244.186
End DateTime : 19052015 115343.955”

The command ‘stat’ gives me the following information about the srm file:
“File: ‘rct-uop-180113.NT4.00032.srm’
Size: 796917760 Blocks: 1556488 IO Block: 4096 regular file
Device: 800h/2048d Inode: 75497599 Links: 1
Access: (0600/-rw-------) Uid: (14096/ evagib) Gid: ( 1600/ geo)”

I can try and extract more information if this is not sufficient.