Problem reading inventory XML file


I'm trying to read seiecomp3 schema 0.1 inventory XML file (see
attached) with

and get the following error message

ValueError: Schema version not supported.

Any help will be appreciated.



EIL.xml (19.8 KB)

Hi Yochai,

sorry, but it looks like nobody so far got round to finalizing read support for some aspects of SC3ML inventories schema version 0.10. I can't say how much is missing to get it working, you might want to prod/ping the people working on it in these github tickets:

When I still try to read your file with the existing code base of obspy (forcing it to read this new schema version), it hickups on a "responseFAP" tag in your file, I guess that's an seiscomp3ML response description not yet implemented in obspy.. (no idea if that was added actually with schema 0.10 or if it's simply missing in our code).

In any case, you can reach out to the people that worked on our SC3ML I/O by posting in the above github tickets.



Thanks for your replay, probably the FAP (frequency amplitude phase)
response is not recognized.



Hi Topias and Yochai,

FAP responses were added to SC3ML in version 0.10. If your responses
actually do not rely on FAP responses, then you there are some work arounds:

1. Simply change the version number in the header of the XML file, e.g.
to 0.9.
2. Upload the XML file to SMP and export it from SMP to SC3ML. When
exporting you can choose the SC3ML version. Choose the one that ObsPy
can read, e.g. 0.9. Before exporting, do not forget to create a release
which is an additional QC feature in SMP.



Thanks for the feedback, Dirk.

Is there a changelog for SC3ML schema anywhere? It seems that with every new SC3ML schema version we end up wondering what has changed and what we have to implement/change for obspy support.

I see the schema is here:

But I only could find any change mention in the overall seiscomp changelog, which only states "Updated sc3ml_0.10.xsd"


Hi Tobias,

you can, e.g., review the database migration tables in

Otherwise this is an SC3 topic and you may post your request at the
SeisComP3 forum [1].