Predicted surface waves arrival in Taup

Hi everyone, I am looking for the arrivals to correspond to the surface waves in TAUP. So far I attempted with SS phase but when I review the waveform the predicted time earlier than the actual time. May someone suggest how can I fix this.

Iā€™m not sure if Taup even does calculate surface waves (unless you mean head waves traveling along e.g. the Moho). Even if it did, since it uses 1D layered models, it would just calculate some linear function of radial distance, I guess.

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taup does not calculate the arrival times for surface waves. Due to dispersion you may however choose a velocity at some frequency and then compute it yourself as distance x velocity. Dispersion curves may computed by several pieces of software including CPS [1].

[1] Earthquake Center


Depends a bit on what you aim to do but to compute a window that contains teleseismic surface waves, the range 2.5 to 5 km/s group velocity is a good starting point.

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