I’m using PPSD package in Obspy to calculate the PSD of a set of stations for several months. I’ve stocked the results for each station in a npz file using save_npz. Then I recover them using load_npz to plot different segments of the data.
Using ppsd.calculate_histogram(month=8) and then ppsd.plot I can plot the PDF curves for this August month. However, when using ppsd.plot_temporal(1) or ppsd.plot_spectrogram I get the plots of the full period, not for the selected month. How can I solve this ??

Best Regards

Hi Jordi,

See https://krischer.github.io/seismo_live_build/html/Ambient%20Seismic%20Noise/Probabilistic%20Power%20Spectral%20Densities_wrapper.html


Also on ppsd you have an attribute `times_processed` that you can use to identify specific psd pieces.. look up the time value of interest, then use the index in the list to get the PSD from `psd_values` (same index as for the time info).