PPSD figure and axes handles

Hello folks,

I was wondering if there was any instruction anywhere how to get the handles to fig,ax from the PPSD.plot() method… I just wanted to tweak the size of the figure, and add a few curves with the seismometer noise levels, but can’t figure out how to hack myself around it.

Any help is appreciated.


If you set ``show=False`` then the figure is not interactively opened
but a figure handle is returned:

fig = ppsd.plot(..., show=False)
# tweak

Tweaking figure size might not be possible like this via the API though,
as the figure is always opened inside the plot routine (and I don't
think you can easily resize an already created Figure). We could add an
Option ``plot(..., fig=None)`` to enable this if needed but that won't
help you right now. Short term solution to tweak figure size is probably
to monkey-patch the source code of your live obspy installation.