plot RESP

I'm sure this must have been brought up before, but couldnt find the thread.

Is there a method in obspy to plot a RESP file. I have a bunch of RESP
files and just need to do some quick visual checks.

They way Ive been doing it is to pull in the response with the FDSN
client, and using the inventory plot response method, which is
overkill since I allready have the responses sitting in a folder on my

If not through obspy, any other quick ways? I'm looking for one-liners here.

Thanks as always!



Could you not use evalresp? Something like the below example? Apologies if I am missing the mark.


#!/usr/bin/env python

import numpy as np
from obspy.signal.invsim import evalresp
from obspy.core import UTCDateTime
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

net = ‘IU’
sta = ‘ANMO’
loc = ‘00’
chan = ‘BHZ’

filepath = ‘/APPS/metadata/RESPS/RESP.’ + net + ‘.’ + sta + ‘.’ +
loc + ‘.’ + chan

checktime = UTCDateTime(‘2016-001T00:00:00.0’)

resp, freq = evalresp(1/20., 2**18, filepath,
checktime, units = ‘VEL’, freq=True)


fig = plt.figure(1)
plt.semilogx(1./freq, 20*np.log10(np.absolute(resp)))
plt.xlabel(‘Period (s)’)
plt.ylabel(‘Power (dB)’)
plt.title('Amplitude Resp. ’ + net + ’ ’ + sta + ’ ’ + loc + ’ ’ + chan)

For some reason gmail decided to toss this in the spam folder.....

This work! Thanks Adam - totally forgot about obspy's evalresp.