Picks not recognized by QOpen in QuakeML file created from S files


I have an events file created by reading some S files with Obspy and saving the joined catalog with all the events in a file in QuakeML format. I tried to use this file as input for QOpen but after running the code, the result file is null. I checked the logfile and realized that picks are not being recognized by QOpen then all event and station pairs are skipped. After checking with Obspy the saved catalog in the QuakeML file, I confirmed that there are picks for each event. Then, I do not understand what could be happening.

I appreciate your kind help in resolving this problem.


Hi Carlos,

the WaveformID of the pick is used to associate picks to stations. I suspect that the network code is missing in the WavaformID. Can you try to set the network code when converting your S files to QuakeML? Please also check the Arrival.phase property.

You can also try to use the (undocumented) "ignore_network_code": true, option. I do not know 100% if this is working with your problem.

Thank you for your suggestions. I checked the data for the events and in the picks WaveformID the network code was missing. By assigning the network code for all the picks WaveformID for all events and trying again to run QOpen it worked.

Thank you very much for your valuable help.