Picking waveforms

Hi all,
I want to piking waveforms but I haven’t understand how pk_baer and ar_pick works.
The first parameter is time of starting waveforms or where it start to search the picks?
If is the start waveforms, how can I search other picking after the firstone in the waveforms?

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Well… I think what you actually want to do is run a trigger on a longer time series to identify potential phase onsets, then cut out a smaller time window around those and run a picker, maybe.

Hi Tobias,
exactly, this is what I would to do!

I have read daily waveform for each station and I have get coincidences (with trigger sta/lta) between them.

After that I want to extract automatic picking, and then plotting the result in a picture with waveforms and picking, to see what I have found.

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This should get you started: https://docs.obspy.org/master/tutorial/code_snippets/trigger_tutorial.html#advanced-example

Shows triggering and how to get on/off times given your choice of thresholds. Then cut out around those times and run a picker. On/off times might come as index values in the array, so you might have to convert to absolute time given the start time of your stream/trace and the sampling rate / delta.

I have read this tutorial, and i have running the previous examples, but I don not know how cut waves.
In the tutorial waves are get by arclink, but I have loaded waves from archive.

Doesn’t matter where you data come from, working with them is always the same