Obspyck with local files

Dear Obspy forum,

The Obspyck wiki (https://github.com/megies/obspyck/wiki)
mentions support for working with local files, but I can't seem to
find examples. Is this task possible in the current version?


Hi Rodrigo,

try "obspyck.py --help":

  -f FILES, --files=FILES
     Local files containing waveform data. List of absolute
     paths separated by commas
     Local Dataless SEED files to look up metadata for
     local waveform files. List of absolute paths separated
     by commas

so.. something like

obspyck.py -f /path/to/file1.gse,/some/path/file2.mseed --dataless

etc. should work..


Hi Tobias,

I should have mentioned, but my data is in sac format, so maybe this
is game over for the moment.
As a test I tried to bypass --dataless with --nometadata, but the
command just exits. Also some of the examples failed, I list them
below in case it's of use.


You always need to specify option time "-t" and duration "-d", that's
why your first call fails. SAC file format is fine, anything your ObsPy
install can read works.


Thanks, but now when running with NLloc there's an error message
(below). It may be related to NLloc's control and model files, but
it's not clear how these need to be setup for obspyck. Any

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./obspyck.py", line 433, in on_qToolButton_doNlloc_clicked
  File "./obspyck.py", line 1910, in doNLLoc
    files = prog_dict['files']
KeyError: 'files'

Hi Rodrigo,

try the following:
- in your obspyck folder make a subdirectory "nlloc"
- put your nonlinloc control file in that folder, naming it
- put your nonlinloc travel time cubes (the *.hdr and *.buf files you
   generated with nonlinloc from your velocity models) in a subfolder
   of "nlloc" folder
- make sure that in the control file the "LOCFILES" line looks like
   the following:

LOCFILES ./nlloc.obs NLLOC_OBS ./AAA/BBB ./nlloc

- replace "AAA" with the name of the subfolder with the travel time
- replace "BBB" with the prefix of the travel time cube files
   (e.g. put "VERSION3" for cubes named like e.g.
    "VERSION3.P.UH1.time.buf", for a P travel time cube for station UH1)
- start obspyck with option --pluginpath='/my/obspyck/folder' pointing
   it to the folder where your obspyck.py is with the "nlloc" subfolder.

hope it helps..