Obspyck from SDS and quakeML input


Although this is not the obspyck mailing list I thought it was a good idea but this thread here as some people use Obspyck.
I want to use obspyck to take a look at my waveforms and picks. I've installed the previous version of obspyck (0.3.0) so that it works with obspy 1.0.3. My questions are: Can I get the waveforms directly from an SDS in this version? Can I input the Quakeml directly into Obspyck or do I have to parse it first into Seishub?

Thanks a lot for your concern,


To use SDS client, you would have to use a more recent obspyck, which in
turn needs a current obspy master installation, see also

See here for loading local event quakeml files, no need to go via seishub:


Thanks for the info Tobias.